How do I find out price of the dress?

Dresses are priced from €970 to €1670, with an average dress price of €1100-€1300.  Our price range is 970€ to 1670€, with the average dress falling in the 1100-1300€ range. Please take note of this prior to scheduling an appointment with us. Final dress price can slightly vary, depending on the detailing and modifications based on your taste. Estimate on the final price will be given after your first atelier visit.




How shall I contact you?

We prefer email or phone call over Instagram/Facebook messages. This way your messages will get our immediate attention and will be handled directly by team responsible for appointments. All contact information can be found in contact section of our website.


What to expect on the first appointment?

After the visit confirmation, you are welcome for your first atelier visit. We’ll serve you great coffee and you’ll be trying out dresses. Ideally, create a preselection based on your taste from exploring our collections online. Your visit is free of charge, you are free to try on as many dresses as you like, and to bring company with you. The initial visit usually takes 1.5 hours.


When should I book the first appointment?

Ideally at least 4-8 months before the wedding. This way both you and us will have enough time and no stress-free dress delivery.


Can I bring company with me?

Of course, it is great to share this experience with your close ones. If you plan to bring larger company, let us know when scheduling the appointment, so we can prepare seating and refreshments.


Is there anything else I should think of before the appointment?

We suggest wearing nude colored underwear and a minimalistic make-up. No need to bring heels with you. Our atelier’s location is walking distance from the central bus station, surrounded by several public transportation lines and with easy and free street parking.


I see you have a showroom in Prague. Can I book an appointment there?

Yes, of course. We run a pop-showroom in Prague’s old town, Czechia and offer appointment-only visits.


I cannot make it to your showroom locations in person. Can we figure out something?

Yes, we also create custom-made dresses and ship them to our brides around the world. We will start with an introduction video call, where we will go over your ideas and whishes so we can prepare your special dress. We will instruct you how to take body measurements and use it for a mock-up dress. This dress will be shipped to you so you get to see how the final wedding dress will fit. At this stage we will schedule another call and/or ask for photos to see what adjustments to the fit are needed. The final dress will be based on the adjusted fit of the mock-up dress and will be shipped to you as well. Please note that not all our models are suitable for production without in-person visits.


Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Please inform us about the change at least 24 hours prior to the appointment by email or phone call. We will be happy to reschedule.


What dress sizes are available for tryouts?

Models in our showrooms are available in sizes from 34 to 42. Your final dress will be tailor-made to fit perfectly your body and personality.


Do I have to come again for measurements?

Not necessarily. If you found the perfect dress on the first meeting, we are happy to take your measurements and start working on the dress right away.




How long does the dress production take?

The whole process from our first meeting until the dress is delivered usually takes 4 to 8 months. If needed, we can prepare the dress in a shorter time period, but we recommend expecting at least 6-8 weeks for tailoring and fit adjustments. Please keep in mind that we are a small wedding atelier with limited capacities per season. The dress hand-over usually happens with sufficient time prior to your wedding.


How many fitting appointments are required before the final dress is delivered?

From our experience, most dresses require 3-4 fittings throughout the delivery process. We understand that your travel arrangements might sometimes be complicated, so we can accommodate the fittings over few days (e.g. Friday + Sunday).


Can the dress be customized or modified?

Yes, the dress is supposed to  be the perfect one for you! Every dress can be modified (different sleeve/cleavage style, skirt type, etc.).


Can you create a completely unique dress for me?

We are happy to create a one-of-a-kind dream dress for you, though we will not make a copy of an already existing dress from other designers.


Is it possible to modify the dress after the wedding?

Yes, if you would like to wear the dress after the wedding, we can create a dress suitable for regular wear from it.


How to store the dress before and after the wedding?

The dress will be handed to you in a breathable dress cover from cotton material. We recommend storing the dress folded, rather than hanged to prevent material stretch. Prior to the wedding, dress can be steam ironed easily. After the wedding we recommend professional dry cleaning, please inform the personnel that the dress is hand stitched and from organic materials.